Welcome Back!

After trying to stay anonymous on the web for more than a decade, I seems it is time to drop old habits and move on... line.

So welcome to my website - if you are here to check out who I am or stalk me, you came to the right place. All the information on here is already in the public domain and you would not find anything I would not also tell a stranger on a train.

I also wanted to take the chance and write a blog.

They call it a blog these days, but I would rather think of it as a column or random rants on life, politics, the internet and security.

There is also a personal section, with a brief CV and some information about my life and some really cool stuff you should know if you want to have a conversation with me.

I have previously worked as a project manager, professional copywriter, researcher and consultant for matters on European Security Policy, Transnational Policing and International Criminal Organisations - as this is my field of study. It is also a passion of mine to help academics to improve their work - click here to find out more. I am particularly interested in online security and its implications for law enforcement services around the world.

The site has been down for quite some time because I did not backup properly and so all of my blog articles were lost. There might be a chance to rescue a few things, but I just did not get around to do that yet. So for now, the functionality is limited and not all sites are available.

Sebastian Kautz

Please take a look around!