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If you want to have a conversation with me - watch!

The wealth of information available to us is immense and there are some things that, to me, seem essential to know. I have made a list of videos below that are a must see - it is just a small selection and some of them are by now already "old" in a new fashion sense, but they changed my life and my view of the world.

As mentioned elsewhere, I have been very fascinated by James Lovelock, his scientific drive and his writings. When I first heard of the Gaia Hypotheses I was in Dundee and read about it in the paper, it was on one of those rare occasions when I actually was in the students union, so I asked people and one fellow heard about it and suggested to read up on it.

I had to go the Duncan of Jordanston Art Library to take out the book - stashed away in a little room at the very back, along with a whole bunch of pseudo scientific books and esoteric literature. It was an odd first impression and not knowing who Lovelock was, I did not attach a lot of scientific value to the book; however, I remember going home and being very excited about reading it.

It felt like a revelation, it must be what deeply religious people or lawyers experience when they reconcile their faith or moral regard with a text of their choice. In my case, it was yet a little different.

Since being a little kid I was always very close to nature and even though this might sound a bit off, but I believe anyone who looks upon the living world with open eyes sees that everything is connected and not a single thing that we are able to perceive stands alone - it is all part of one big thing... but what!?

James Lovelock seemed to have all the answers, and his research led me to a bunch of other ideas that rocked my world. I found TED in 2007 and I have spend days watching talk after talk, not being able to decide what to follow up on.

The internet makes it possible for us to be aware of cutting edge research in near real time. This presents me with three dilemmas - if I know that I can know the newest research in many different fields, why would I want to do anything else but learn and find out where we are.

Who takes the time to look at the world? We are stuck in our life and our worldly constraints and no one has the time to look at what cards are on the grand table. So much is happening simultaneously, subjects intersect and we have lost track of - everything.

Its a jungle out there!

Hans Rosling and his mad stage performances have left me speechless and I must have watched that video at least 100 times. Go on and blow your mind.

When speaking of essential videos, I need to mention this one. It is a time-lapse of all nuclear tests. It well scary and should influence your choice of where to live, if you have it.

Perhaps this is a bit geeky to sit and watch this for 15 minutes, but this is reality... this is how we were torturing our planet for 50 years. This is the very reason for which we deserve to go extinct as a race!

Also, if you show this to someone, always ask them up front - how many nukes did we set off - in total!? You will be surprised!

So, do you feel a bit educated already or has this been old news for you? Good. Here is a little video on education which I found very inspiring, but again - our world is fucked on so many levels that it is hard to figure out where to start. Children seem to be our best start.

If you have a bit of spare time on your hands listen to Charlie Miller. This video will give you a bit of insight into my academic research during my time at Dundee. This is a talk that has been declassified, and provides you with a good basic overview of 0days and cyber attack strategies - however, this is not his best talk.

Thank you and good night!